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Please for the love of god do not ignore this!

Okay so this idea just popped up in my head and I thought I'd tell you guys about it!

First of all though *stretches arms creepily trying to hug everybody* ...........*hugs* How have you been! I missed you! Well...really I been here the whole time just that I haven't interacted with anyone hahah!

It's been about a week since I started gym...I've gotten fat...yes I gotten lazy as I started gym. Also I still go to work so I do not really get a lot of free time! Though the little free time that, I do have, I want to spend it away from my laptop and just trying to draw as much as possible!

You can comment here, or ask me on my tumblr to draw something or CHALLENGE me to draw something, when I say challenge, I mean have me draw something hard. Like a complicated pose! OR ANYTHING!
Also you can just ask me to draw something. Like your OC or a character you like from an anime or cartoon! ANYTHING! Give me as much variety as possible!

My tumblr: follow me god damn it!


-Can you draw X character nude/in a suggestive pose/ gore/shota/yaoi ?
-No, absolutely not, that is simply not my cup of tea, sorry, I know I said anything, but I do not do porn...

-Draw these x characters in a fetish (feet fetish, inflation,transgender,)
-Sorry no, I do not do such things.

-Can I post the sketch I requested on my gallery?
-Though you may have requested the sketch (what ever it may be) You can not upload it anywhere else other than where it has already been posted. I apologize, though you can do that if you ask for my permission and give me full credit for the sketch.

-Will you draw furries/animals?
-I will try, as long as it's not pornography.

-Can I ask for any character?
-It depends really, I prefer to draw females, I still need more practice to be able to draw males better, so at the moment, if it is male, I will either not draw or do a fail sketch orz... I will do my best though if you request a male character

-Can you design something for me?
-Eh, I might, or I might not, honestly the point of this is for me to practice on art more an to fulfil other people's requests. So I think it is not likely that I will design anything for you. Perhaps another time I might approach that idea.

-OMG ADGDFFJFH GVDGDGV! Draw me a portrait!

-Draw something realistic?
-Not my cup of tea, sorry...

-Where will these sketches be posted?
-They will be posted on my Tumblr. Though the ones I like best will be posted here, on DeviantART.

-Will you do one sketch per day?
-Yes, I will try to manage it, it will be one sketch per day

-How many times can we request something?
-You can only request once, if you try to spam me, I will not fulfill any of your requests, sorry...

-I didn't like this sketch, change/fix something about it
-I will not get back to any of the sketches I will draw, they will be final, I will not redraw them unless I decide I want to in the future.

-Will you do these sketches in color?
-Few may be in color, but since they are sketches, most will be in black and white

-How many characters per sketch?
-One per sketch

-MMD pic requests?
-No, only sketch requests, MMD has nothing to do with this...

-If I change my mind can you change the sketch?
-No, please make up your mind first then ask me.

-How big will the size of the image be?
-Not very big sorry ^^;

-What will be the level of detail?
-Low level of detail, unless I get into it and I like it I may just make it more detailed, but it depends really

-Can you draw robots/machinery?
-I need more practice before I am able to draw something like that decently, so at the moment no, I apologize

-I requested something and it hasn't come out yet, why are you taking so long?
-I am doing the sketches following a list, whoever comment's earlier gets their sketch sooner.

Hope this sums pretty much most of the important things up.
So, feel free to comment and request a sketch!
I will do one per day and everything will be posted on my tumblr!


Woobak's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hai, I draw anime stuffs and do MMD stuffs as well!
I am a male by the way, in case you kinda feel like I am a girl, cause many people have mistaken me for a girl...
Don't ask why...

Anyways I hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to comment and critique anything you see in my gallery your opinion is most appreciated (-u-)b
I am very passionate about my art and getting better I sometimes like to challenge my self, but I'm lazy =u=;

Please donate points for me if you think I deserve them! :iconokaymemeplz:

I post random sketches out of DA as well!

My Facebook, if you care, feel free to add me I will pretty much accept anyone XD

And my twitter!

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It is truly appreciated(´;ω;`)!!!

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